We deliver group workshops and one to one support for adults in North West London to improve financial capability

Therapy Session


Our Money Management workshop is specially designed to improve participants’ financial capability using accessible and interactive resources.  We come directly to your organisation to deliver workshops for your clients. 

Our workshop covers the following topics:

  • Budgeting

  • Understanding credit

  • What influences our spending

  • Dealing with debt

  • Money saving tips​

All participants receive a free information pack full of money saving tips and information on where to get further help as well as a spending diary.

 “It was brilliant and was very reassuring. I was burying my head in the sand and the workshop helped me face up to my debts. Straight after the session I went and got organised. If I hadn’t gone to the workshop I wouldn’t have had the strength to deal with my problems. It gave me the kick that I needed.”

Participant, January 2017

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Our Children and Money workshop has been developed especially for parents and is a fantastic opportunity for schools and other organisations to engage parents and improve family capability around money. The Children and Money workshop covers the following topics:

  • How to teach your children about money including age-appropriate activities and games

  • Communicating with children about money

  • What influences children's attitudes to money

  • Passing values about money onto our children

All participants receive take home activities to help them teach their children about money.

 “The workshop was thought-provoking. I have seen a positive change in my child’s behaviour. I now explain things clearly at her level. I wouldn’t have thought to do this before. It is an excellent thing that you do.” 

Participant, March 2017

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Our Money Mentors work one-to-one with clients to help them to:

  • Put together a budget

  • Use a spending diary

  • Identify areas to reduce expenditure

  • Apply for grants if relevant

  • Access follow-on services

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